The Lost Ways - Wisdom of our Forefathers (Lived w/out Electricity & Modern Conveniences) - (As Seen on YouTube)

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Is What Will Get You Through The Next Crisis

Here, finally, is your opportunity to discover top-notch self-reliance secrets our forefathers depended on to survive and thrive.


The Lost Ways

by Claude Davis 

The Lost Ways:Saving Our Forefathers' Skills

Committed to paper by one of the leading father figures of survival, Claude Davis spent half a decade documenting long lost survival fundamentals of our ancestors, which have been forgotten in the shadow of modern day comforts. This Holy Writ of established practical wisdom and self-sufficiency covers every single essential outlook on survival you need to have.

First of all... only a handful of lucky people EVEN KNOW this kind of knowledge exists in one place.

And for these few, like you, it's always a momentous discovery. The Lost Ways hands over primordial independence to you and your loved ones. You'll gain priceless skill on how to survive the next major crisis, be it: economic collapse, mass pandemics, EMPs, droughts, floods, hurricanes, or the government going AWOL.

You'll have all the necessary tools to overcome anything and sustain your family in tough times. Our forefathers were facing such circumstances in day-to-day life, without any guidance whatsoever.

They didn't have electricity, law enforcement or modern survival gear to rely on, just like we won't either in a crisis.



A Product Of Hundreds of Years And Entire Generations,
Here's What The Lost Ways Will Do For You In Modern-Day Speed:

  • You'll sleep well at night, knowing you've got everything that could possibly go wrong covered. You and your family will be safe, no matter what comes your way. Whether you're being attacked or you find yourself surrounded and have to scare off looters, you'll know the best survival tactics proven to work.
  • You'll learn what to do when there is no more ammo. People who used to wander the West managed to hunt eight deer with six bullets, their supply of ammo never ran out.
  • You'll be prepared for darker times, stockpile, know-how and hunting skills. You'll make your own superfoods that never go bad, the kind our troops were using in the Independence war. And the best part is that you can make this food in just 10 minutes with ingredients that you most likely have in your house right now.
  • You'll regain the freedom of resources that is righteously yours. Unlimited stockpile food that will have you covered even when others will be fighting over crumbs.
  • You'll gain the lost knowledge of sailors from the XVII century who preserved water in their ships for months on end, even years, and you'll find out how you can use this method to preserve clean water for your family. Did I mention, cost free?

Our ancestors fought for freedom and wanted to pass it on as legacy to us. You will be one of the rare few who brings the legacy to completion.

The Lost Ways is more than a guidebook. It's how you'll come to understand and live by the following: you don't need the government, you don't need Walmart, you don't have to DEPEND on anything or anyone. You'll be in charge and hold up your end.

A Freedom That Is Inherently Yours...

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Plus, When You Get The Lost Ways You'll Also Receive
3 Exclusive Hand-Picked Bonuses
That Are Going To Make Prepping Easier For You

1. What Every Survivalist Should Grow in His Backyard

This special report contains the most nutritious and toughest plants that you should start growing so you'll never run out of food. These plants are reliable in the worst possible conditions, including drought, flooding, or light deprivation... and you'll also find instructions on how to plant, grow, harvest, and STORE them.

What every survivalist should grow in his backyard- Bonus1
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2. How to Outlive an EMP the Early Pioneer Way

...which is a day-by-day guide that shows you what to do after an EMP every day, for 30 days, using The Lost Ways. In this report, you'll learn the 10 things that you should do on day one, what to make on day 2, what you definitely need to turn to on day 3, and so on 'till day 30, when you'll be absolutely 100% self-sufficient, protected, and able to help others if you want to. I'll show you what to do every day after the EMP so you'll never run out of water, food, or heat and then what to do or build to improve things day by day.

How to Outlive an EMP the Early Pioneer Way - Bonus2
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3. A Step-by-Step Guide to Building Your Own Can Rotation System

A can rotator is not only a time saver but also a money saver. The mechanism is very simple. Whenever you buy new cans, you insert them in the upper shelf. The cans will automatically roll down, and they will be the last in the row. When you pick them up, you do so from the shelf below, so you will always pick the can that you bought first and therefore with the closest expiration date. Once you have the plans and the step by step guide with pictures, all it takes is just one day of work, even less.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Building Your Own Can Rotation System - Bonus3

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Why Is The Lost Way The Ultimate Book For Survival?

  • It takes you through the fundamentals. Although there are other books on survival tips, The Lost Ways expounds more on methodologies that are comprehensive and relatable. It paints a much clearer picture, whether you're a beginner or expert prepper.
  • All the survival tactics are non-monetary, originating from our forefathers, back when money and consumerism were not a thing. Modern man is accustomed to respond to emergencies using cash-demanding conveniences. You will find cheaper alternatives to see you through difficulties without emptying your pockets.
  • It includes real life examples and reliable tricks applicable in both disaster scenarios and everyday life, like housing strategies or nutritious recipes. An all-rounded piece that gives you a historical perspective, as much as an advantage in our times, with or without the help of modern technology.

Here's What Other People Had To Say About The Lost Ways:

I found the Lost Ways series exceptional. It is an easy read, and yet it kept me wondering who would make it and what would the next turn bring. When I was done with one, I had to get the others to find out what happened. I truly enjoyed reading these books and would recommend them to others

- Pat Bedford

This book is worth its weight in gold. The pemmican recipe alone is worth the price of the book. I would encourage people to learn the lost ways and use it to help as many people they can during the hard times to come. GOD BLESS

- Rick West

Our quality of life has been severely undermined, This book gives a New Patriot a fighting chance to thrive, not just survive...Best book ever for me, Best writing, leaves me knowing, not wondering from A to Z...

- Ken Gorban

Very knowledgeable. Thank you so much for this GREAT book. It is teaching me a lot of things I never would have known without your knowledge. Your amazing. Keep up the great work. And again, Thank you.

- Patricia Valencia


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