The Darkest Days - Blackout USA (How To Survive an EMP Attack)

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What is The Darkest Day Survival Guide?

EMP means Electromagnetic Pulse. Deacon References NASA data which confirms that there is a specific time of the solar cycle when the sun is experiencing cruel activity.

An EMP can occur I nature when there is a massive solar flare that reaches Earth’s atmosphere. When this happens, it could short circuit the electrical grid and all the electronic devices.

In the event of an EMP, we would be dealing with mass looting, food shortages, an economic collapse, and the possibility of a mass pandemic.

Deacon points out that an EMP bomb is cheap and easy to make and calls our attention to a 12-year kid child who was able to make a mini-EMP bomb in his basement with a few household items.





  • You will learn step by step instructions to collect a straightforward gadget that will shield your hardware from the EMP.
  • The Charles Green book will show you what five vital electronics you need after an EMP strike.
    The Darkest USA days secrets from the Amish on how to prevent your medicine and food from spoiling, even if the fridge is not functioning.
  • The book will teach you the seven must have medicine and food supplies to have when EMP happens, and precisely the amount to store.
  • How to keep your family under the radar’ when an EMP strikes so that hungry and violent looters will not even notice your presence using this program.
  • How to make sure that your car still runs, even though EMP fry’s car engine circuits.
  • A proven home protection strategies book and traps that are guaranteed to keep any looter out of your home.
  • How to keep your appliances running while the entire U.S power grid is down.
    Know all these EMP survival secrets and much more.

How Likely is an EMP to Occur?

Despite the certainty with which Blackout USA’s author claims an EMP event to be, the reality is a bit more muddled, depending on whom you ask.

While preparedness groups claim an EMP attack is imminent, and more mainstream governmental and civilian organizations say that it’s possible but not definite, the reality is probably somewhere in the middle. However, keep in mind that, even if an EMP attack were to occur, it likely wouldn’t be as damaging as Hollywood (or groups like might lead you to believe.

This is because, according to InformationWeek, “EMP has less effect on shorter wires — in microcircuitry, by definition, wires are very short. EMP is greatly diminished inside cars or steel-framed buildings or underground. It self-cancels in the increasingly common coaxial cables, and doesn’t touch fiber optics at all.” On top of this, according to National Geographic, “Additionally, for decades the Pentagon has been hardening its electronics against an EMP threat, though state and local governments and private sector may not have been as diligent. The New York Times reported in 1983 that military computers and communication centers were protected with shields known as Faraday cages, which would absorb EMP energy and prevent it from knocking out equipment.”

With this said, an EMP event almost certainly wouldn’t be a walk in the park, and some of the idea contained in Blackout USA might come in handy if one were to occur. Although, as we mentioned above, we can’t know for sure since we’re not fully aware of what information the course contains.


What you get from this program

The program is available in both hard copy and downloadable format. A standout among the most intriguing things incorporated into the project is a regulated on the most proficient method to amass a basic gadget utilizing family things that will shield your electrons from EMP.

In the occasion an EMP truly goes off, this could mean the contrast amongst life and demise. It likewise incorporates Amish strategies for safeguarding medicine and food.

This guide teaches you how you live under the radar, so you can go unnoticed and protect your family from bad guys in the event of a disaster.

The program also comes with two bonuses “Off Grid Home Protection Systems” and “How to make Your Own Pharmacy”. The first bonus is a special report on how to defend your home from violent looters.

The second bonus guide “How to Make your Own Pharmacy” Is referred a definitive survival solution guide. It is an exceptional report on common treatment choices and natural cures, which includes tips on how to prepare and store medicine.



Special Free Bonuses:

BONUS #1 : Off-Grid Home Protection Systems

a special report on how to defend your home against violent criminals or looters. It shows you how to keep your home safe without any home protection systems and without any use of electric power. You will find out what are the best dog breeds in case of a disaster… And even though it may sound surprising… this guide explains how you can actually protect your home by planting defensive bushes… and in some cases it works even better than a $250 alarm system.


BONUS #2 : How to Make Your Own Pharmacy

The ultimate guide to survival medicine. A special report that will show you the natural treatment alternatives for a time when no doctors will be around. You’ll know what natural remedies you can use… and you’ll be able to find them with ease. You’ll also find out how to prepare them quickly, and the best ways to store them.


60-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you try the Darkest Days™ and if at the end of it you feel it wasn’t what you wanted, you will get your money back, no question asked.

All that is left for you to do now is take action. I promise you this- nothing is going to change in your life until you make your move. This is also what thousands of other Darkest Days™ users have done as well. Now it’s your turn. If you are still feeling some hesitation and wondering if this will work for you there is one more thing you need to know. Your tiny investment today is backed by a 100% 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee.