Safety Razor straight razor For Men Adjustable Close Shaving Classic Double Edge Razor blades knife replacement shaving set

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1.The razor is fully made of Zinc Alloy;
2.The handle can be rotated to control the blade tightness,1-6 files;
3.Classic design style,sliver;
4.Medium weight and length,good balance;
1.We send 5 pcs blades as gift.General blade all fits for this razor.Most buyer thought they would get a better experience with Feather or Merkur blades;
2.One blade used just for one time.Then throw it away(wrap it well before throwing it to protect the sanitaion workers);
3.Be careful when you put the blade into the holder;
4.The diameter of the handle is 13mm,other datas can be seen from the products pictures.These helps when you judge if the razor fits your shaving stand;
5.The best the way to clean the razor head is to open it and shake in the water;
6.You had better wash your face with warm water to make your skin easy before shaving.But the water can not be too hot,because the razor will also be very hot if you put it in.As the razor is made of metalic alloy;
7.We think the best shaving angel is 30 degrees through tests,of course,as your own preference;
8.The razor also fits for the female.Please make sure that you have the right shaving way and be gentle,especially for special parts like knee,ankle,or bikini areas;
9.Keep it out from the reach distance of children;